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What We Do.

We Build Small... But Spacious Homes.

We build stylish, well-insulated, relocatable buildings in a wide variety of sizes and specifications, from small 10 sqm units to large two and three bedroom homes up to 70 sqm. Our company offers three design ranges – The Flaxton, The Mairaki, and The Fernside – and all are available in a variety of sizes.

Our goal is to make the process as easy and simple as possible for you.
With the prebuild requirements, we will handle the whole journey and keep things running smoothly, taking care of any Geotech Reports, Building Consents, Foundations and transportation.

That’s right, we offer the complete Package!

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1-3 Bedroom Homes.

Built To Suit Your Needs.

At Ace Portable Buildings we offer 3 Ranges of Homes, 1-3 bedrooms in Many Sizes.

The “Flaxton” (Entry Level)
The “money saver” that can still give you all the warm insulated space you require, complete with a kitchen, bathroom, living area and bedroom.
(Available In Trailer Home or Building Consent options)

The “Mairaki” (Standard)
An attractive Stylish Home available in different exterior claddings and Floor Plans. Available and suitable for ALL Wind and Snow Zones throughout the South Island. Middle of the range fit outs of Kitchens, Bathrooms and Built-in Wardrobes. (Available in Trailer Home or Building Consent options)

The “Fernside” (Premium Deluxe)
When a Home with a Statement needs to be made, a Stylish Step out frontage, with Extra Height Ceilings, Doors and Windows included. Different Exterior Claddings and Floor Plans. Quality Designer range Kitchens and Bathrooms.
Deluxe built-in Wardrobe Fit-out. Suitable for all Wind and Snow Zones throughout the South Island. (Available ONLY as Building Consent Option).

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Ensuited Studios.

Invite Guests, Workers & Family.

A Single Room Studio, Great for accommodation for Airbnb, Staff, Rentals and Motels. Only the Mairaki Series is suitable for all Wind and Snow Zones.
Many sizes to meet your needs. Comes with a complete Ensuite, including a 1.000 x 1.000 Shower, as standard and a kitchenette.

Available in the Flaxton and Mairaki Range Only.

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Offices & Sleepouts.

Extra Space Required.

A Single or Twin Room Building. Suitable as an extra bedroom or separate office outside but close to your house, as there are no bathroom or kitchen facilities included. These buildings have so many uses as Sleepouts, Site Office, Sales Office, Man Cave, Tutor Room, Gate House, Yard Office, Hobby Room, Woman Cave, Shop, Art Studio and many more uses. Many Sizes are available as 1 or 2 rooms to meet your needs.

Available in the Flaxton and Mairaki Ranges Only.

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Trailer Homes.

You're On The Move.

A very popular option, not only in New Zealand but Worldwide. These units come on a purpose-built chassis and wheels to be legally classed as a vehicle. Suitable as Mobile Offices, Lunchrooms, Accommodation, Tiny Homes, Shops and many more uses.

Available in the Flaxton and Mairaki Ranges.

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Transported To You.

Delivering South Island Wide.

Once we have completed your new Ace Portable Home or Building, our team will prepare it for its journey to your site. Big or small, we have the experience and equipment available to safely deliver and install your building onto your site, which we will have previously assessed for travel & access.

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