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Our Process.

How It Works.

Our Portable Building Process.

You are welcome to visit us. We would love to show you around the buildings in production.
An appointment to do this is important so we can give our full attention. Also our yard is closed at times to the public if we are moving a large building and large cranes are operating.

1. Choose Design.

It is important to us that you find the right size, layout, and that the windows and doors are in the correct position for your site. We want everything to work for your needs. We will listen and ask you questions, as you will, with us.

2. Get Quote & Contract.

Once we have got all the details we can prepare Concept Drawings and visit your site to confirm access for your new home not just on your property but the roads leading to it. Once this is completed, we will provide a quotation for your New Home or Building.

3. Confirm Purchase.

When you are completely happy with everything in the quotation/contract you may confirm your acceptance and a deposit will need to be paid.

Working Drawings and site drawings (if we are doing full consents) will be handled by our draughtsman and the Building Consent applications will be lodged with the councils.

Upon Consents being approved your home will be put into our production schedule and an approximate delivery date will be given.

4. Progress Updates & Payments.

During production of your new home you will get updates and will be advised of progress payments as the build moves along.

5. Delivery & Installation.

Upon completion of your new home build and site works, we will organize the transportation of your home. This will involve a few different parties to get to your site safely. Once delivered, a member of our own team will be on site to place your new home onto its foundations!

6. Happy Customers.

Once all the services are hooked up, and the final inspection is completed, you can start to enjoy your new life in a Ace Portable Building.

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